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Why use Animation?

"...It get's attention and holds it."
Professor Richard Wiseman, Psychologist

Training and Consulting

Have an idea for a training program? Why not let the IMPOWRD team of experts either put your training material into an online format or create a training program tailored to your needs.  With over 18 years creating spectacular training material we can help you get your big idea organised and ready for sale.  Contact us now for more details.

Employment Advantage

The Employment Advantage is an online animated training program designed to teach young people how to find work. This program has assisted thousands of job seekers to find their dream job. Recognised by teachers and  student career consultants around Australia, this program can be the difference between employment and unemployment.

Ready Match Place

If you work in Job Active, Disability Employment Services, Rehabilitation Services or Outplacement Natalia Josephs will train your consultants in effective  job placement capabilities. 

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