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The Employment Advantage

The team at IMPOWRD are excited to announce sponsorship grants have been provided by two leading Australian technology companies to reduce the fees for the Employment Advantage Program for any school that signs up for a full licence before the 28th February 2018. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to provide your students with all the knowledge necessary for succeeding in finding work in 2018 and onwards.

Over the last two years, over 5000 participants have successfully completed our Employment Advantage Online.


What do students learn in this program?

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Benefits to students and teachers when undertaking this program include:

  • Fits neatly into the National Blueprint for Career Development
    Realistically priced for school budgets

  • A stress free, self-paced learning platform that can be teacher free

  • Can be completed from any online computer

  • Easy access with a fast and friendly local help desk for assistance to
    students and teachers

  • WA owned and operated company

  • Training best practice ensures program integrity

  • Participants will gain the know-how to thrive in a constantly evolving employment market

  • Classroom worksheets and activities are available for down times

  • And much more...

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We know that successful job hunting is a skill, and one that we can help your students learn.

Attention Schools:

One WACE unit and a robust examination system

Our Incredible Numbers



Who have experienced the benefits of the Employment Advantage program for near graduation secondary students.


Registered Students

Students who have registered and completed The Employment Advantage Program to enhance their employment success capabilities.


Course Topics

Covering all aspects of a students experience, presentation, application and approach to achieving employment success outside the school environment.

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